Women’s DeVo – Saturday 20th November – 1pm – 4pm

This Courses at Rushmere Country Park will get you riding your Mountain Bike with more confidence and speed. It is a great opportunity to meet likeminded female mountain bikers and progress your riding.

All of Firecrest MTB’s Skills Training Courses Firecrest provide an insight into the Mountain Bike Skills Essentials that enable you to get the most from your Mountain Bike.

Women’s DeVo
Saturday  20th November – 1pm – 4pm
Rushmere Country Park
£25.00* Per Person
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Firecrest MTB’s Women’s DeVo Mountain Bike Skills Course will be using all the trails on Rushmere Park from the Pumptrack to Ridge Riders Gravity Trails.

All the training is given under the watchful eye of Firecrest MTB’s highly experienced staff providing expert tuition. If you’re looking to develop your Mountain Bike Skills these are the courses for you!

All of Firecrest’s Mountain Bike Skills Courses are structured to provide a progressive programme of Mountain Bike Skills Training so you can come on them all or just come along on the days you can make to suit.

NB: This course requires participants to have and wear a Helmet and Knee Pads as a minimum level of protection. 

Adult DeVo – Sunday 21st November – 9.30am – 1pm

The Firecrest Mountain Biking Adult Rider Development Programme (RDP) based at Rushmere Country Park works with some of the fastest Downhill and Enduro Racers in the UK. This is your chance to join a Group Skills Course for riders aged 18 years and over, focussed on Skills Development through a range of terrain.

Adult DeVo – 18yrs+
Rushmere Country Park
Sunday 21st November 9.30am – 1pm
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Firecrest Mountain Biking’s Skills Training is underpinned by ‘The System’ our proven Skills Training methods which supports our ‘holistic approach’ to MTB Skills Development. ‘The System’ enables us to work with you and  give you an insight into ‘why to do’ things over ‘how to do’ them. This in turn gives you a unique perspective on polishing your Skills and how to imporove your performace when your racing.

This Group Course will enable you to access Firecrest MTB Skills Training at a significantly reduced rate. It is a chance to join a focussed Training Group aimed at enabling you to achieve your skills goals.

The Course is ideal for Downhill and Enduro Riders new to the Firecrest MTB Skills Courses and riders that have previously had MTB Skills Training from Firecrest Mountain Biking. The Course will cover an introduction to the ‘The System’ and then a range of ‘Technical Trail Features’, Including but not limited to; Jumps, Drops Corners and Techincal Downhill Sections showing how you can use ‘The System’ to optimise your Skills, Mindset, and Performance.

‘The System’ will enable you to understand how to optimise your riding and easily identify areas that you need to focus on as you develop your skills. Tapping into our experience will give you the knowlege and confidence needed to ‘fast track’ the improvements to make those gains that will have you riding faster with more confidence.


FMTB Young Rider Development Programme – DeVo – Autumn Half Term Holiday Courses 2021

We have a packed programme of Mountain Bike Skills Courses for kids over Autumn Half Term Holidays. With DeVo Level1 and DeVo Evo on Tuesday and DeVo Level2 all day on Thursday. We also have a Girls DeVo on Saturday 23rd October from 9.30am – 12.30pm.

The Level1 Courses can be booked through Eventbrite and the Level2 Courses are part of British Cycling Cycling Development Pathway Centres – Gravity Programme and can be booked through the British Cycling Website. Find out more about the opportunities through the British Cycling Development Pathway  and what it means for the DeVo Programme here>>>

Here’s our programme with links to the booking pages:-

DeVo Level2 – Saturday 18th October
9.30am – 12.30pm – 12-18yrs of age
Rushmere Country Park
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Girls DeVo – Saturday 23rd October
9.30am – 12.30pm – 12-18yrs of age
Rushmere Country Park
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DeVo Level1 – Tuesday 26th October
10am – 12pm – 8-12yrs of age
Rushmere Country Park
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DeVo Evo – Tuesday 26th October
1pm – 3pm – 8-12yrs of age
Rushmere Country Park
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DeVo Level2 – Thursday 28th October
10pm – 4pm – 12-18yrs of age
Rushmere Country Park
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Firecrest MTB’s DeVo leads the way on British Cycling’s Network of Gravity Talent Development Centres

British Cycling can today announce the first of its network of Gravity Talent Development Centres, which have been designed to provide an accessible and inclusive pathway for talented riders, supporting them to progress from clubs through to trade teams and representing Great Britain.

The first hub is now operational in Rushmere Country Park (Bedfordshire, British Cycling Central Region), offering regular coached sessions for riders aged 12-16 to hone their mountain bike gravity skills, with an ambition to increase the number of locations across the country to seven over the coming months.

The most talented riders from the hub sessions will be given the opportunity to attend regional and national development sessions, with the long-term goal of supporting them towards competing for Great Britain and securing opportunities to ride for professional trade teams.

The hubs form part of British Cycling’s long-term plan for the gravity disciplines, which was published earlier this month as part of the organisation’s new Everyone Wins campaign, and covers all aspects of the discipline including facility provision, volunteers, diversity and performance at the highest level for Great Britain.

At the 2020 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Leogang a total of six British riders finished within the top 11 places in the junior men’s category, demonstrating the talent of today’s young riders who are seeking to follow in the footsteps of Rachel Atherton, Danny Hart and others who have topped podiums across the world in recent years.

Michael Vickers, British Cycling Talent Development Coach and MTB Downhill and 4X Coordinator, said:

“We’ve seen some incredible results in the downhill disciplines over recent years, and through the new Gravity Development Centres we want to provide the champions of tomorrow with an accessible and competitive environment as they forge their own paths to the top.

“We’re thankful to our partners and colleagues in the Central Region for their support in getting the first hub up and running, and we’ve been really encouraged by the appetite for riders to get involved and the level of technical skills on display. As we increase the number of the centres through the remainder of the year we hope that they will help us to further boost the standard of our national series and championships and provide riders with a really competitive environment to develop.”

Ian Warby of Firecrest Mountain Biking, said;

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for Firecrest MTB’s Young Rider Development Programme (known as DeVo) to be the first Talent Development Centre for gravity. The DeVo programme has always been a passion of mine and to be able to line it up with British Cycling’s programmes has been a long term goal.

“The programme has already seen a number of riders go on to do big things with Phil Atwill being one of the programme’s most successful alumni and this is a fantastic opportunity for more to do the same. The focus of DeVo has always been on working with riders of all ages and abilities to get the most from mountain biking and I look forward to developing the next generation of riders and working closely with British Cycling going forward.”

Find out more here>>>

Aston Hill Bike Park – Temporary Closure for Tree Felling and Re-investment.

Just as I thought 2020 couldn’t throw any more curved balls, I get the news that Aston Hill Bike Park won’t be re-opening after the second Lockdown and that it will have to close for 6-8 months so that the large number of ash trees with ‘chalara ash dieback’ can be felled by Forestry England.

Aston Hill Bike Park has been the home of my Firecrest Mountain Biking business in various forms for 23 years, so in many ways I see Aston Hill Bike Park as a ‘member of my family’. I have spent thousands of hours on ‘the Hill’ riding, racing, promoting Races, trail building and skills coaching. It has generated so many good memories, friends and standout moments which means this news has been a devastating blow, especially coming on the back of such a challenging year with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

For 22 years I have run Mountain Bike Skills Courses at Aston Hill Bike Park, returning to run them full time again from 2015. Firecrest Mountain Biking is my sole source of income so my first thoughts on hearing the news of the closure was to source a local alternative. Fortunately the staff at Rushmere Country Park on the outskirts of Leighton Buzzard, 15 miles from Aston Hill, have welcomed me with open arms. It’s a fantastic venue for my Mountain Bike Skills Training. What it lacks in the elevation we enjoy on Aston Hill it makes up for with a series of short feature filled ‘gravity trails’ and a winding 6 kilometre cross-country trail that has some excellent sections for training.

The best news is that I can continue to offer my full programme of Skills Courses and Training for riders of all ages and abilities across the mountain bike disciplines of Downhill, Enduro and Cross-Country. The even better news for those that found the ground conditions, particularly in the wet, challenging on Aston Hill you’ll be pleased to hear that Rushmere Country Park sits on the Greensands Ridge and has very similar ground conditions to Woburn/Aspley/Chicksands with the sandy loam surface offering up lots of year round grip.

If you have a Course booked I’ll be in touch with all the details you need on your booking and the new venue.If you haven’t got round to booking your Course find out more on our website www.firecrestmtb.com . I look forward to seeing you for some training in the future at Rushmere.

Firecrest is not leaving Aston Hill for good. The silver lining to this cloud is that this is a chance for Aston Hill Bike Park to get a much needed make over, refresh the ageing trails and new trail sections to be added. With heavy machinery coming in to carry out the felling works there will be some sections of trail that will be unrecognisable once the the trees are gone. Over 300 plus trees of concern are peppered across the Hill and other trees are being thinned to improve the woodland ecology. Aston Hill will look a little different when we return which should offer up some great options when it comes to refurbishing the trails.

I’ll be working with Bike Park Chilterns CIC (Community Interest Company) to ensure Aston Hill Bike Park can come back better than ever and we can get back to riding the trails that we’ve all come to know and love and with an added new twist. Keep an eye on my social media feeds for updates, the latest on the work being carried out on Aston Hill, and the Skills Courses I’m running at Rushmere Country Park.

See you on the trails!

Firecrest Mountain Biking – Covid-19 Status Update

Once again in 2020 I have been given the news I was dreading, but felt was inevitable, that Forestry England have closed Aston Hill Bike Park through to the end of the Lockdown on Wednesday 2nd December.

As a result of this closure I am again as I was back in March no longer able to run Mountain Bike Skills Courses on Aston Hill. There are no easy decisions in these challenging times and no one ever wants to hear that they are unable to run the business that puts food on the table and a roof over their head but I, like many self-employed small business owners, find myself in that challenging position.

Needless to say, I will of course again be offering everyone that’s booked a Course the option to re-book once the second Covid-19 Lockdown is over (it’s currently running to Wednesday 2nd December). Again as a self-employed sole trader in a small business your financial support at this time is much appreciated.

Once again I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, friends and staff for their continued support. Yes, once again we find ourselves in unbelievably challenging times, but getting out for a bike ride will help clear your head and above all it will keep you fit and healthy, with more resilience to fight Covid-19 ‘IF’ you do get it! Stay safe out there and I’ll see you from a safe distance on the Trails (just not the trails on Aston Hill until it re-opens).

Firecrest Mountain Biking – Covid-19 Status Update

Forestry England have updated their guidance and I can return to running group course coaching alongside the 1-2-1 courses I have been running at Aston Hill Bike Park.

This means that I can get back to running the Young Rider Development Programme – DeVo and the Adult Rider Development Programme group courses.

There’s just enough time to squeeze in some Young Rider Development Courses before the end of the Summer Holidays. We are running at Level1 and DeVo Evo Course on Tuesday 25th August and a Level2 Course on Thursday 27th August. You can find out more and book your place here>>>

Again I would like to thank everyone that has supported me through these challenging times. It really means a lot to me to have you checking in and supporting me and my family in all the ways you have. I know you can’t wait to get back to improving your skills too. Thank you.

I’d also like to welcome those who have taken up or got back into Mountain Biking during lockdown. if you looking to improve your skills then have a look through the range of mountain bike skills courses we offer or get in touch. There’s no better time to get off on the right track than at the beginning and i have range of courses for riders of all ages and abilities.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you on Aston Hill!

Firecrest MTB on the Downtime Podcast

Firecrest Mountain Biking’s founder Ian Warby met up with Chris Hall from the Downtime Podcast back in February to discuss how Ian got started, his 30yrs in Mountain Biking and his journey through the sport to date.

Discussing racing mountain bikes through the 90’s, how Ian set up Aston Hill Bike Park and how he developed the Firecrest Mountain Biking Skills System and how it’s become the An Operating System for going fast!

You can visit the Downtime Podcast Website here>>>

You can listen to the Downtime Podcast below.

Book your Mountain Bike Skills Course here>>>

DeVo Level1, DeVo Evo and Level2 – Summer Holidays 2020

It’s been a long break due to Covid-19 but Firecrest Mountain Biking’s popular Young Rider Development Programme known as ‘DeVo’ for short is back with 3 courses at the end of the Summer Holidays.

Level1 Summer Holiday Courses

Tuesday 25th August – 10am – 12pm – Book Here>>>

The DeVo1 Courses are for Mountain Bikers aged from 8 years to 12 years old looking to develop their Mountain Bike Skills. They will get you riding your Mountain Bike with more confidence. They are a great opportunity to meet likeminded young riders and progress your riding and get out and experience the trails on Aston Hill.

DeVo Evo Summer Holiday Courses

Tuesday 25th August – 1pm – 3pm – Book Here>>>

Introducing the latest of Firecrest Mountain Biking’s Young Rider Development Programme’s (DeVo) popular Holiday MTB Skills Training Courses. The DeVo Evo Course (Short for ‘Development’ ‘DeVo’ and ‘Evolution’ ‘Evo’) is for young riders that aren’t old enough or ready to ride at Level2 but are looking to progress their skills to more challenging terrain on Aston Hill.

Please Note: – This Courses is for Mountain Bikers aged from 8 years to 12 years old who have attended 4 or more Level1 DeVo Courses or have been adivsed by Ian to book on this course and are looking to progress their skills.

DeVo Level 2 Summer Holiday Courses

Thursday 27th August – 10am – 4pm – Book Here>>>

The DeVo2 Mountain Bike Skills Courses at Aston Hill Bikepark will get you riding your Mountain Bike with more confidence and speed. They are a great opportunity to meet likeminded young riders and progress your riding. From getting faster on the trails on Aston Hill through to racing at Local, Regional and National Competitions.